Tax Services for Airline Crew Members (Cabin Crew & Pilots)

Tax Services for Airline Crew Members (Cabin Crew & Pilots)

Tax Services for Airline Crew Members

You receive income from a German or another airline as a cabin crew member or pilot?

It doesn’t matter whether your home is located in FRA, GIG or ADZ – I will care about your tax topics. I have a strong experience with the taxation of crew members since many years. All communication including letters from German tax offices will be done in English language.

The preparation of a tax return is mostly recommendable considering the different kind of costs arising during to be “on air”. All required documents and information can be shared via digital communication (e.g. cloud) or during your next layover in Frankfurt, Germany.

You already live in Germany and think about leaving abroad? We should discuss ahead of your “departure” potential opportunities and risks depending on the new home country. You thinking about your retirement, but what about e.g. the defined pension contributions and the tax impacts? Let’s discuss.

List of services:

  • Preparation of your income tax return without additional expenses for external duty plan creators
  • Asking for expenses your colleagues often claim in case that you have missed to send documents in this regard
  • Considering of other income like rental income or capital gains
  • Correspondence with the competent tax office
  • Review of tax assessment notices
  • Filing of appeals
  • Filing of an application to be treated as an unlimited taxpayer (only for EU citizens)
  • Translations into English and vice versa
  • Tax services in context of moving abroad or to Germany and in connection with pension aspects