Tax Advisory for Private Affairs and Income Tax Returns

Tax Advisory for Private Affairs and Income Tax Returns

German Tax Advisor for Private Affairs and Income Tax Returns

You are lookingfor a German Certified Tax Advisor who can file your private income tax return and/or help you with tax matters like inheritance or gift tax issues from a German tax perspective? You are planning to buy land and property in Germany and therefore you are a limited tax payer?

Please feel free to contact me that I can support you in finding the best solution for your plan and ideas – also considering German tax aspects. Regarding your private income tax return, you will receive an English email with required documents. Together with a power of attorney we can assure that all needed information are picked up. All documents and information can be shared digital inter alia cloud sharing or paper-based if you have most of the documents only in hardcopy available.

You currently live in Germany and think about leaving abroad? We should discuss ahead of your “departure” potential opportunities and risks depending on the new home country.

List of services:

  • Preparation of your private tax returns
  • Asking for expenses other clients often claim in case that you have missed to send these documents
  • Considering of other income like rental income or capital gains
  • Correspondence with the competent tax office
  • Review of tax assessment notices
  • Filing of appeals
  • Filing of an application to be treated as an unlimited taxpayer (only for EU citizens)
  • Advisory in connection with inheritance and gift tax, land and properties, children taxation and further tax related topics
  • Translations into English and vice versa